Friday, September 29, 2006

My new carrier as an actor.

Today as I was walking towards my terrifying applied probability class, I passed Tommy Trojan (the statue that Dorte is inspecting on the right...), and I noticed it was covered in plants! Strange.. I thought and then as I looked around I noticed banners reading "Yale: Parents Weekend". Apparently I was in the middle of a "Gilmore Girls" episode shooting. I've never watched this show, but supposedly the mother and the daughter (characters in the show) were right there couple of meters away from me. It was pretty weird.. Anyways don't be surprised if you see me walking in the backround at Yale University while watching the Gilmore Girls...



Oli said...

Well, that is just hilarious :-)

Very few people but you Bjarni would be able to walk into a movie/tv set and only notice it afterwards :-) (ok, maby Birgir allso)

Have a good one.


dagmar said...

noone but bjarni can pull that of hehehe