Friday, October 13, 2006

Partying with the rich and the famous..

If you're bored in Los Angeles, then it's only your own fault. There are always some huge events happening, concerts, festivals, shows, sport games, etc. And if that doesn't satisfy you then there is always the beach and the mountains, which are great for hiking in, that is as long as you don't run into a mountain lion. (The picture was taken from one such hike, its showing downtown LA in the distance.) There are also loads of theme parks, amusement parks, museums, venice beach, hollywood, good nightlife.. and of course famous movie stars walking around. And yes last night I met my first movie star here in LA. It was academy award winner Jamie Fox, who won the oscar in 2005 for playing Ray Charles in Ray. I was partying at the Privilege on Sunset Boulevard, a typical high-profile LA club, filled with wannabe actors, models, rock stars, rappers and other very very weird people. The only reason why I got in was because I happened to know the right people, some USC students I was with had some connections.. Anyways there he was, Jamie Fox, just hanging out with some friends of his. Apparently Paris Hilton was of course also supposed to be there, but I didn't see her... Anyways this kind of stuff only happens in LA.



Óli said...

Downtown LA doesnt look that smoggy to me from this picture. Is it perhaps all a myth?? :-)

That nightlife does sound interesting, if you happen to see Eric Clapton or Kiefer Sutherland then tell them I said hi :-)


Marta said...

How cool is that!

Gerdur said...

You're so damn lucky, bumbing into famous movie stars ... I bet you'll meet Paris Hilton soon - a REAL star. Just remember to take a picture of her.