Sunday, January 07, 2007

Good ol' Denmark

It's been a while since I've written anything, and although I should have had alot of time to write something during christmas I somehow always found other more interesting things to do...

Anyways a long story short I passed all my exams, flew to Denmark to for christmas and new year and then back to the sun a couple of days ago. I also managed to meet my parents for 2 minutes at the airport in Iceland and exchange christmas gifts. I only had 15 minutes to change planes, so my parents just explained the situation to the customs personell at the airport and like everything works in Iceland someone knew someone so they were alowed to go through the security check without a boarding pass! They met me as I came out of the plane and walked with me to the other plane.

It was very nice to be back in Denmark and see Dorte after almost 4 months of separation. I had missed her alot here in LA. We went to Jutland for christmas. Her family lives there. (The picture is taken on christmas eve, showing us with Dorte's niece and nephew. Mom, don't get any ideas!!)

We ate and ate and ate both on christmas eve and christmas day. On christmas day (and the first couple of days following christmas) danes traditionally dine a traditional "christmas lunch" for 6 hours or so. "A danish christmas lunch" main ingrediences are rye bread, herring, snaps (a 38-40% liquor) and of course of beer. It was very nice.

(A young niece of Dorte is trying to have a sip of a christmas beer during the christmas lunch. Yes, danes have long been famed for their beer and they do start drinking beer early in their life... although perhaps not this early. I think it's an unopened can.)

For new years eve me and Dorte actually managed to throw a completely mad new years party even though we were only 5 persons. We made a lush 3 course dinner for a couple of guests, and afterwards played games, celebrated the new year and danced all night long.

Anyways now I'm back to sunny California, just waiting for Dorte. The weather here is as good as always. The picture shows me and Kjong taking a quick bath in the pacific after loosing a beach volleyball match last sunday.


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Alda said...

hey broo hehehe :D
yeah i was just reading your blog;) Denmark sounds fun over christmas.. i guess it must be if you're drunk most of the time ;) ( haha) anyway when you called i forgot to say thanks for the gift:D and please tell Anna that i say thank you to her too.. sence you both gave me one hehe ;) which was literally perfect sence Ofi had been giving me a hard time all christmas eve just because he wanted to hold on to some tradition he claimed that us siblings had. So by giving me two and him none I proved my point that he was just asking for bad Karma ;D anyways I just wanted to say "hi" and everything that follows.. so great blog and great website you got here.. heheh
best wishes
-your little sister Alda

ps. That picture of the baby drinking beer looks a little suspicious.. hehehe ;D