Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NBA finals in HD...almost.

It's quite remarkable how advertisment crazy american TV is. Even during the last NBA final match yesterday viewers probably missed 10% of the played time, due to extreme advertising. I can't understand how americans can tolerate this. If the same thing would be done during a champions league final in Europe people would probably riot, and goverments would pass laws or something..

Anyways besides wasting time watching boring advertisments I haven't been doing much lately. I miss Dorte alot these days, today is actually our wedding anniversary! (The picture above is from when we went rollerblading in Venice just before she left.) I also miss Icleand and my family and friends, I miss the nice cool and bright summer. Amazingly 25C and sunny weather can get a bit tiring. I've been a bit frustrated here lately, partly fueled by my research project not seeming to be solvable. I also lost my phone on the beach in Malibu, and Dorte's rear wheel from her bicycle got stolen... Who the hell steals a rear wheel, it's probably only worth 5 bucks at most.

This sunday I went hiking with Kjong, Joyce, and Aaron in the San Gabriel mountains, to a weird bridge called the "bridge to nowhere". It was a very nice but long hike.

(People were bungee jumping from this abandoned bridge in the middle of nowhere.)



Ólafur Jens Sigurðsson said...

Wow, do you really think the project is not solvable? Or is this just a passing pessimism? What if it is not solvable? Can you do your thesis about why it is not solvable?

Anyways, find your self a shade and stop being gloom :-)
Remember, "always look on the bright side of life" :-)

Heres something to cheer you up if you have not seen it before:


Bjarni said...

Hi Oli!

Well I'd just have to focus on something else. I haven't chosen a thesis project yet, I'll do that in about a year and a half or so..

Elfar said...

Bjarni just take a weekend trip to Seattle and get drunk with me, Marianne and Troels ;)