Saturday, May 17, 2008

USC Graduation

Yesterday thousands of bachelors, masters and Ph.D's graduated at USC. Having never attended an American commencement ceremony before, yesterday was quite overwhelming for a Dane, who is not used to making such a fuzz out of graduation ceremonies. Sometimes I felt I was in a Harry Potter movie with all the professors wearing funny hats and gowns. Around 40,000 people were present in the morning when are all the graduates along with family, friends and university staff came together to celebrate. Later in the day the various schools within the university (e.g. education, engineering, etc.) went on having their own ceremonies where the diplomas were handed out.

With graduation now behind us, campus (and our neighborhood) will be very very quiet until the fall semester begins in August. Congratulations to all our friends who now graduated!! I hope some of you see that I FINALLY write something in here in English. We will sure miss those of you that leave LA.

Our street in morning.

Some professors make their entrance

The university flags are brought in

A peaceful spot on campus. Several news channels are
to bring live reports.

Christy, Lizzie, Chao and me

PhD's in red

The beginning of the engineering commencement. Too
many engineers!!

Harjot and his parents

Another good friend Juan from Panama in his fancy outfit

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