Thursday, February 14, 2008

Icelandic intermezzo


I know it is almost three months since anything has bee written here, but I've been busy (most of the time) and Dorte has been in DK. Now, first some news. I passed the evil screening exams... :) and Dorte became a B.A. in Social Work, with an impressive grade. So basically everything went well. Now however we are in Iceland, where we successfully changed our Visa from F to J. This is also a short holiday for us, since I had my screening exams in January and Dorte had to defend her project..

On the way up here to Iceland we of course encountered some of the worst storms in Iceland for years. The weather was so bad that the international airport in Reykjavik was virtually closed for two straight days. Dorte had to spend a night in Kastrup airport whereas I however managed to get free rooms in nice airport hotels at Stansted (London). I however was stuck there for two nights. The weather in Iceland was horrible. There were hurricane force sustained winds in Iceland 27-33 m/s with gusts up to 64 m/s. In all a pretty nasty storm! Anyways we managed to arrive safe and sound in the end ...after spending two days roaming the Stansted airport, feeling like I was Tom Hanks in the movie The Terminal.

The coastline in Reykjavik a couple of days after the storm. The ocean got pretty angry and threw some rocks ashore.

Here in Iceland we've been enjoying all things Icelandic, the milk product "skyr", "harðfiskur" dried fish, "bragðarefur" ice cream, the large outdoor swimming pools, met friends, snowy mountain, etc.

We however haven't enjoyed the weather or the prices... Both of which are as insane as ever.
In two days we'll however be on our way back to the sun in LA.



Gerdur said...

æ, commentið fór á vitlausan stað. Átti að vera hér en fór á Afskedsafslut ... eða hvað það hét nú. Skiptir nú ekki miklu máli.

Katrine said...

Hej Dorte.
Stort tillykke med jeres succesrige visit på Island! Alletiders.
Her i Adelaide er der også succes, vi har nemlig fundet en fast bolig. Så nu er vi klar til det næste halve års tid down under. Jeg starter på uni på mandag, det er jeg ret spændt på.
Vi skrives ved.
Kh Katrine.