Tuesday, September 02, 2008



I almost never write anything more here, but I guess I never find time, or I'm simply becoming lazy. Besides LA isn't quite as new and exciting as it was in the beginning. Dorte is also so good blogging constantly that I don't feel the need to blog as much anymore.

So to continue from where Dorte left of with our trip to Europe. After Denmark we flew to Paris, where we met up with Ófi and Hanna. We only had one day, so we quickly managed to go for a evening stroll in the latin quarter, check out Sacré Cæur and Montmartre, Champs Elysees and the victory arch, and finally snap photos of the Eiffel tower.

La Rochelle and Lucón.

We then took a TGV train to La Rochelle, but the wedding was held in a town called Lucón, about a hour from La Rochelle. We however spent most of our time in France in the small town of Angles, where we stayed in a nice house with a large garden filled with fruit trees. Mom, dad, and my grandma made sure we got a lot of good local cheese, sausages, liver pate, baguettes, wine. It was really great meeting the whole family there.

Ofi and Hanna buying some good local cheese.

The wedding was amazing. First there was a ceremony in a chapel, and later another one in the city hall. The reception was held in a small chateau, where they served great food, deserts, and later, good music. Everybody was dancing, and at 4 am in the morning the traditional bread (brioche) dance, with the fathers taking a unforgettable solo.

Parents, grandma, and siblings on both sides.

The chateau where the reception was held.

Realising that I forgot to leave space for the desert.

Champagne fountain

And finally, the famous brioche dance.


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