Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday in winter wonder LA-nd

Hello everybody!

This is me, yes Bjarni, still live and kicking, and now running again :) So I'm blogging today, about our Saturday. So me and Dorte, like you people still reading might have read, have a new plan, which is to sincerely enjoy our Saturdays here in LA. The best part about LA is that there is always something here you havn't done before. So this saturday we drove up to the San Jacinto mountains to enjoy the snow. After a walk in the snow, which we were completely under-prepared for, we drove down to the desert below (Palm Springs), and tried a date-shake and bought a bunch of locally grown Medjool dates. Anyways the pictures pretty much speak for them self.

Have a great week!

I'm not really proud to show this picture, because officially I don't go to IHOP, but they just have soooo good strawberry-banana pancakes. Yeah, they tasted just as good.... besides we also needed to fuel up for the hike.

Fantastic view!

Dorte jumping in the snow...and

...then getting stuck :)

Enjoying the the wild west

We were completely not expecting so much snow... I mean it has been 25C and sunny for the last couple of days down in LA.

Mailboxes in the desert.

Date palms with the snowy San Jacinto mountains in the background.

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